Delegation: The Key to Microsoft's Success

During the early days of Microsoft, Bill Gates was able to be as hands-on as he desired with developing software. However, his inability to trust others and delegate responsibility, hindered ...

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Microsoft's New Culture Has Raised Shares

Since January 2014, Microsoft's shares have soared 143% from around $37 to $90, a price way above the previous high under CEO Bill Gates in 2000. Over the last five ...

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Employer branding in the technology industry: Companies who got it right

According to the 2018 report by VMR Consultants, 75% of technology professionals are expecting to change employers in the next year. As Gosewisch stated, “Developers have more loyalty to their ...

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Why you need employer branding [eBook]

Establishing an employer brand is one of the most effective ways of increasing your success rate when attracting and retaining employees. Unlike previous years, developers have more loyalty to their career and own ...

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Tips for recruiting candidates in technology’s tight market

Running a technology company and looking for Ruby developers? Got a “really cool idea” for a startup, and all you need is a programmer? Congratulations! Join the thousands of other ...

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Hiring strategies for technology startups

It’s no secret that the technology industry is becoming really competitive. Developers snigger at ‘innovative’ start-ups and deem them as the norm, and your product’s benefits and features may not ...

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How tech giants are attracting talent with employer branding

Employer branding is increasingly being recognised as an important aspect of marketing. Marketing Week’s Best Places to Work list in May last year attempted to uncover some of the best companies ...

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How to get a job in technology with no experience

Building a career in technology means much more than being good with computers… If you’re early in your career or haven’t yet started, finding a path that suits you is often ...

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Interviewees become the interviewers as candidates have choice of roles

Organisations need to pull out all the stops to secure and keep first choice candidates. Almost half (45%) of job candidates have turned down a position because they weren’t impressed by ...

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Remote programming jobs: How to find them and why you should

Let’s talk remote programming jobs. Some, But Not Too Many, Words of Caution I am, personally, an introvert.  So I always find the cautionary tales around remote work to be pretty overblown.  They ...

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Senior C#/.Net Developer

Hamburg, Germany | €50,000 - €80,000 pa

My client is a company based in Hamburg and they are currently seeking a Senior C#/.Net Developer.


.NET Developer

Stockholm, Sweden | Up to 60,000 SEK

Developers play a role in both in both internal products and the building of customer's solutions. The team has a variety of both young talent and senior professionals who are all passionate about continuous learning whilst creating high-quality code.

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