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Through VMR Consultants, Dot Net Resourcing has become a US and European leader in niche technology recruitment by adopting a unique and innovative approach that relies on our recruitment consultants, specialist resourcers and sourcers to differentiate between the best on the market and the best in the market.

Through VMR Consultants, our team is proud to approach, attract and interact with the very best professionals, delivering excellence in .NET and SharePoint technology across 14 European countries, plus the USA. We use world-class search and selection techniques (including market mapping, candidate pool generation and networking) to find candidates unobtainable to other recruitment companies.

We proactively update our database and leverage existing contact details to anticipate the needs of our clients. We then prepare a list of suitable candidates before they are even contacted through VMR Consultants.

Client and candidate perspective

With VMR Consultants, our multi-lingual, technically proficient recruitment team follows a strict internal process that fosters a close relationship. This prioritises the career aspirations of our candidates throughout VMR Consultants, putting us in a unique position to understand the relevance of their experience, motivations and personality type.

At Dot Net Resourcing and VMR Consultants, we endeavour to meet every client face-to-face to establish business requirements, answer questions and set clear interview and hiring milestones. By defining these expectations, we become a bespoke .NET recruiter and representative of the client. Through VMR Consultants, we are serious about our status as a trusted recruitment partner and adhere to all modern recruitment regulations.

Understanding the client and candidate perspective is a cornerstone of successful recruitment, and the reason why we retain so many of our clients through VMR Consultants. Alongside this, Dot Net Resourcing are one of the most comprehensive contingency recruiters in the industry, providing an array of optional and complimentary services as standard.

Standard Services

  • Engaged on a 'no placement, no fee' condition
  • Tangible performance indicators to track our progress
  • Advertisements on specialist and third-party subscription job boards
  • The promise to deliver 3 contract candidates within 24/48 hours (dependent on workload)
  • Guaranteed compliance with local taxation, social security, immigration and employment regulations
  • Innovative e-timesheet systems that includes:
    • Multicurrency processing
    • Hard and soft document support (online, excel, paper and fax)
    • Password-less timesheet sign in via an encrypted link (optional)
    • SMS and E-mail notifications

Optional Services

Besides our standard service, Dot Net Resourcing and VMR Consultants also run two elective schemes- priority recruitment timetable and exclusivity. Both are tried and tested programmes that help us maximise our resources.

Priority recruitment timetable

Implemented at no additional cost but demanding a heightened level of commitment from the client, VMR Consultant's programme helps our consultants to justify putting other requirements on hold while they focus on your assignment.


With VMR Consultants, in the event that our consultants can work with you on an exclusive basis, we offer a preferential fee structure. This entails a priority recruitment timetable as well as a period of exclusivity lasting the duration of the timetable.

100% quality candidates

As .NET and SharePoint specialists, we offer a consultancy approach with deeper experience, vertical market knowledge and proprietary relationships that are not available from other .NET recruiters. At VMR Consulants and Dot Net Resourcing, we always deliver a search and selection level of service even within our 'no placement, no fee' structure. The quality of our candidates is the reason clients choose to work with us and the reason why they return to us time and again to meet their .NET recruitment needs.

At VMR Consultants, we are so confident about providing 100% quality candidates that we implement a reparation scheme. If clients ever accept a candidate who fails to meet requirements, we will return their money.

Proven Success

From contact to contract, VMR Consultants provides dedicated internal training and follows an original and continuously evolving process to ensure that the client's needs are met on time and within budget. Our executive search service and permanent and contract recruitment is just a small part of what we do. As a result, we have achieved infrastructure recruitment success with a number of business leaders, including a top-10 European consultancy firm in Norway, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner in Germany with more than US$1 billion in revenue and an independent IT and business service provider that ranks itself within the top-5 globally.

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